When you start SportFlash, you will see all of today's sports events in a list. This includes events which have already taken place, are currently in progress or have already finished. You have various options for navigation.

Forwards / Backwards

You can easily scroll backwards or forwards one day at a time by swiping to the left or right.

Jump to a certain date

If you want to jump to a certain date, tap the date at the top left. A calendar opens and you can select your desired date and navigate there.

Back to today

You can always jump back to today by tapping the SportFlash icon in the top centre.

Updating the Display

SportFlash keeps the live feed up-to-date if the application has been opened. A manual updating option is therefore not provided.


You won't see all the details of an event in the live feed. If you want to know more about an event, you can view the details.

Opening the Details Dialog

Tap the event to view the details of an event.

Details Navigation

You can view further details in the detail view depending on the sport. Scroll backwards and forwards in the details by swiping left and right.

Exit Details

Click the Back button at the bottom left to exit the detail view. Android users press the Back key.


A central function in SportFlash is the option for selecting your Favorites and customizing the display to your requirements.

Add Favorites

To add a Favorite, tap an event for a few seconds. The Favorites dialog appears and offers you the option of adding Favorites by tapping the star icon of the desired category.

Open Favorites Menu

You will see all your Favorites in the menu. The menu can be opened by tapping the star icon at the top left or by swiping from the left-hand edge to the centre.

Sort / Delete Favorites

The order of the events in the live feed depends on the order of the Favorites. If you want to change the order of the Favorites, tap Sort

Search for Favorites

You can quickly and easily find your Favorites by means of the search field. Type the search string in the top textbox. When the desired entry appears, you can add it to your Favorites by tapping the star icon.


Tap on one of your favorites in the favoritsmenu to see the details.

What do the icons mean?

A Favorite is usually a combination of a sport and a category. You will find the meaning under Display further below.


You can define the language of the display in the Settings.

Open Settings

You will find the Settings in the left-hand side menu. The menu can be opened by tapping the star icon at the top left or by swiping from the left-hand edge to the centre. Tap Settings at the bottom left.

Display Language

SportFlash has been designed for four languages (German, French, Italian, and English). The display language normally corresponds to the system language. However, you can define the language yourself.

You will have noticed that not all the texts appear in the desired language. This is because the data has not been completely translated.


We use icons and abbreviations to visualize the data in SportFlash. Here are some explanations.

Live Indicator

If a red bar is displayed on the left of an event, it means that the event is currently in progress.


If a cup is shown beside a player or team, the player/team has won the match. The winner is always displayed at the top.

The ball indicates who has the first service in the respective set.

Tie Break.

The score of the player who is leading in a set is shown in bold, irrespective of whether the set has ended or not.

If an umbrella is shown, it means that the game has been interrupted or not even started.

Team sports

The following distinctions are made in team sports such as football or ice hockey:

The starting time is shown in the middle before the game.

The score is shown during and after the game.

An interrupted game is indicated by a U!.

An abandoned game is indicated by an A!.


Favorites are a combination of a sport and a category.

SportFlash recognizes the following categories:

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